French Pear Tart

I really can't believe I have never made a tart before. What was I so afraid of? This recipe is simple and gives fantastic results (another Dorie Greenspan recipe of course!) you go from almond paste and some sliced pears, from a can even, to a fluffy, puffy, almond cream filling. It's like magic or chemistry or really just plain delicious! Oh boy, I really need to get this one out of my house before I sample any more! I did add some apple butter as a wash at the end. It added a hint of apple and cinnamon, a bit more shine, and a richer caramel color to the tart.  

On a non-baking note... I know, I know!... I got the awesome gift of a new digital camera. The last few photos were taken using my cell phone. It worked but the photos were flat. Sooo I'm pretty excited about the new technology. I also got a thermometer for my oven and, as I suspected the temperature runs about 25 degrees hotter. Armed with my new camera and an oven thermometer I'm ready for 2009! Happy holidays everybody!

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Gigi said...

The pear tart looks divine! I have never made one before but have always wanted to!