Green Tea Cookies

Today is the first snow day of the year in my town. That also means that most of the town has shut down due to horrible driving conditions. I slid my way into work this morning at 6am and silently cursed myself for not putting chains on my tires.. chains that were conveniently sitting by my front door! Because my workplace rocks we were all told we could go home as early as possible. Nothing beats being sent home on a monday morning to play in the snow! well there may be one thing that beats it... how about an oven warmed house bursting with the aroma of green tea cookies!  After browsing recipes I decided on the original by I rolled the doughout into two small sheets and refrigorated. I baked the first batch according to the recipe. The green tea flavor was really strong and a little bitter. Maybe my matcha is stronger than baking grade? For the second batch I decided to use some granulated sugar flavored with orange zest to balance out the green tea flavor a tiny bit. Boy what an awesome addition. The orange flavor is mild and right up front once the sweetness subsides the green tea flavor steps forward. It really is a delicately flavored cookie. I used christmas tree cookie cutters to compliment the light green color. The recipe is easy to follow and the dough is easy to work with as long as you chill it. Thanks for the awsome recipe Keli! I am really inspired to try some other tea flavors... hmmm how about a rooibos tea cookie!!  

So in honor of the first snow fall of the season bring on the green tea cookies!

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Wow fantastic ideas for my next lunch with my friends.

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