Pandan yogurt cake with coconut creme frosting

Once again I am trying to include pandan flavoring into a cake. This weekend I decided to try it out with the french yogurt cake recipe from Dorie Greenspan.  I think this is the best try so far. The pandan flavoring is so light in this cake. The recipe did not rise enough on my first try to cut the cake in half so I baked a second cake which was also kind of flat. Hmmm 2 flat cakes... so I went and bought fresh baking powder. My next cake attempt (yep 3 in one day thanks to the ease of my KA mixer lol) was so light and fluffy it almost hit the top burner in my oven!  The difference is so amazing I cant wait until my next baking project!  

As far as the recipe just omit the vanilla and add 1 teaspoon pandan extract. 

Ive been using my cell phone to take pictures since my digital camera is not cooperating currently. 


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i just love the fragrance of pandan.