Lemons are...

Sooo yummy! 

Last weekend I made the innocent decision to go to our local restaurant supply store. No harm in just looking around, right? eh hem... well I ended up with 50 pounds of cake flour, 5 dozen eggs, and a 5 pound bag of lemons. Really I don't know how this happened. The cake flour was just such a good deal I couldn't pass it up even though I tried to talk myself out of the purchase several times. I walked around the store trying to refocus but 15 bucks for 50 pounds of flour... soon I found myself loading up a cart and the rest of the ingredients naturally jumped right in! 

With such a surplus of lemons I had to act quickly. Lemon cream seemed like it could be good and versatile. And boy is it! It is great as a tart filling (note picture!), cake filling, or just on a spoon right out of the jar.  

I then decided to do a test.. curd vs cream.. hey I told you I have a lot of lemons!

I think I prefer the light creamy ness of the lemon cream. Texturally the cream gets my vote. The curd had the better up front bright lemony flavor but the texture just did not do it for me. Both recipes are from Dorie Greenspan. Both were really delicious and easily used in a variety of ways. I may try the curd again... I did not strain the mixture before bottling and got some little egg bits in my curd... yuck. Both are worth making and keep well refrigerated.

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