A cake so good I have dedicated a song to it!

The saying goes that anyone can make a great cake one time but it takes real skill to consitently produce a great cake... With this in mind I think it is time to revisit the Chocolate Domingo cake I made for Alix's Birthday.
I just can not get this cake out of my head! (cue super cheesy music...  cant get it out of my head  woah oh ohhh)
I tried to go with the whole Placido Domingo vibe(I mean the cake WAS named after the guy), but really, I'm more of a butt rock/hair band kinda girl ;) So dust off those Poison lps, butter and flour your cake pans, and prepare to rock this recipe!

w00t! I forgot how pretty those boys were!
Any way... stay focused... cake! Yep cake.

I know I wrote earlier about how I'm not much of a chocolate lover and here I am waxing poetic about a chocolate cake. I think the amount of butter and sour cream add a depth to the chocolate that is usually laking in a "just for the sake of chocolate" chocolate cake. This is basically a butter pound cake with some cocoa tossed in. I found a link to the recipe off of Rose's site (this is from her book The Cake Bible... get it.. get it now!)
So did I succeed in my mission to replicate the same cake using the same recipe thus proving my technique can stand the test of time... much like butt rock!.. NO. Some where in the baking technique portion of my brain I remembered a tidbit about oven spring. This can be achieved by putting a pan in a heating oven then putting your baked good on that. I think this is a bread technique. It does work for cake! Oven spring is not desirable in most cakes. So I have a domed cracked cake. Completely unpresentable so I will have to level the top and eat it... darn.

Taste and texture are still just as good as the first try. Super light, moist, melt in your mouth chocolate buttery flavor that just seems to evaporate.  The cake holds up well to leveling and sculpting and requires no frosting!
Okay time to cue up cheesy music and do the dishes!

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