Dorie's Perfect Party Cake

This cake looks so awesome in the Baking from my Home to Yours photograph that I could not wait until an occasion presented itself which would require a cake.

Finally, the occasion of a house warming party for some friends who just purchased their first new home was on my social calendar.

I did a lot of research on food blogs. This recipe has been made by the Daring Bakers and Tuesday's with Dorie. Many bakers blogged about the lack of rise in the layers and I have to admit I had the same issue. The first two 9 inch layers were  just way to flat for me to be courageous enough to slice them in half.  So the next day I made two more 9 inch layers. This time I really beat the hell out of the batter at the end.  I put them into the oven and wondered if this was the trick for the perfect party cake layer.  While these did rise a bit more I decided to just add them to the pile and make a full four layer cake. So even with all my research I had similar results.. I used swans down cake flour, buttermilk, and lemon. Maybe the suggestion of AP flour is the way to go?

The cake was moist with a light crumb, pure white, and had a lovely hint of lemon flavor.  I opted for strawberry preserves in the middle and left out the butter cream filling. The frosting was a breeze to make. The lemon flavor was weak and I would adjust that to taste if making again. Over all the cake was a big hit at the party and I was glad to see it disappear as the night wore on.  I don't think this is a cake I would make again. It was good but with the rising issues I think I will try something else for white cake. 

There was some competition for DPPC! The host had sliced up devil dogs (yes the ones in the wrappers) into bite size pieces and inserted toothpicks for a nifty finger food.  How can I compete with all those hydrogenated oils and beef fat creamy goodness...  I think the party cake held it's own. 

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