Madeleine Mania Part II and III

I was sorting through my ever growing collection of baked goods photos when I noticed some pretty awful looking madeleines. I'm sad to say I have not picked up the gauntlet or pulled out my madeleine pan since my 3rd failed attempt.  So for the sake of food bloggers everywhere here is the continuing saga of madeleine mania... the search to create a perfect madeleine.

Part II. The Recipe. After trolling around on the internet I found a really delicious "fool proof" recipe for  madeleines with almond meal. Okay so the recipe never touted fool proof. I just read the directions and looked at the pictures long enough to believe it could be the recipe I had been searching for. Well everything went well with the measuring and mixing. Madeleines really do come together quickly. I greased and floured my molds and sent the cookies into the heat to do their thing... 

Here is the result...  


A flat greasy cookie with absolutely no relation to the beautiful cookies which accompanied the recipe on the web site. Well, you can see the shell pattern... No problem! I will just adjust the cooking time for the left over batter and try again!  Taa daa! 

Now I have a whole batch of undercooked greasy cookies ready for the trash. Looks aside the taste was horrid! Bland and greasy with a chewy toothiness.  Not even a sprinkling of powdered sugar could save these.

No Problem, on to Part III.

This time I decided my pans could be the problem. It certainly can't be operator error ;) ... sooo  I figured the people who made my madeleine pans must know what they are doing and I used the recipe that came with the pans. This recipe calls for powdered sugar and baking powder, totally not traditional but I wanted picture perfect cookies dang it!    

Hey, these look pretty good! Hows the taste you ask? hmm lemony. The texture? Well, let's see (shove a couple more cookies in my mouth). It's light and spongy with a bit of crispyness to the crust. Wow this is so familiar... but, not in a madeleine way. Hey I have an idea! Runs to overflowing baking pan drawer..

If anyone is interested I think I have an excellent recipe for homemade Twinkies!

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