Sweet Life

My friend A and I decided to have lunch at our local patisserie Sweet Life. Let me tell you this place has it all! The display case goes on for miles making decisions nearly impossible. They have vegan options as well as sweets crammed full of buttery goodness. You can see which side of the baking line I tend to swerve toward... butter all the way!

Anyway, A and I were enjoying our lunch time rendezvous when a couple of ladies came up to us and asked if they could interview us for a college journalism class. Friends, fellow foodies, can you believe the luck! Someone who actually wanted to ask me questions about cakes and pastries but, not only ask the questions... they wanted to hear me talk about baked goods! I was so excited, or was it a sugar rush?, that I agreed to the on camera interview even though I am normally quite the recluse.

My favorite pick is usually the key lime tartlette. It is creamy and sour with a shortbread crust that melts in your mouth. A little too dense for lunch I opted for one of the newer line of savory items.. a jalapeno, pepper jack cheese, corn, and soy sausage quiche. After taking a bite of this I realized I have never made a decent quiche! Even with all the inclusions this quiche was so light and fluffy! How do they do it?
Do any of you have a favorite local pastry shop? Or know of any I should investigate in the Pacific North West?
If you are in the Eugene are I highly recommend Sweet Life.

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