BYOB - Brioche

After a long la-ahng search for Brioche in my neck of the woods I finally gave up and baked one myself!  So many foodies have raved about this bread. Is it because of the unbelievable 3 sticks of butter? The required 12 or more hour refrigerated slow rise? The gorgeous finished product?


For me it is turning a stale loaf of brioche into Bostock!  

Don't get me wrong Brioche really is a lovely bread. It reminds me of croissant but in loaf form. It did not really transport me to bread heaven when I tasted it.  So it kind of sat around the kitchen and went stale (gasp!).  

Then the magic happened. I whipped up some almond cream slathered it all over a stale slice popped it in the oven and OH MY GOSH! Now we are talking!  Did I mention the almond cream has rum in it?  Both recipes are from Miss Dorie Greenspan and very simple to follow.  

But why stop there? The recipe makes enough for 2 loaves of Brioche. So back into the kitchen to tinker. The results?  One Almond Cream filled, one chocolate filled, and one mini pear tart with almond cream. This dough is sooo versatile. I will definitely make it again!

Lookey loo! Chocolatey gooey goodness! YUM!


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Mermaid Sews said...

Wow, you were busy. I haven't tried brioche yet, but want to really badly.