The Magic of Cake

I don't know about you but, to me there is something magical about cake. You start with your basic ingredients- flour, sugar, butter, eggs- then you choose flavors, mix it all up and put it in the oven. The batter is transformed into a soft and spongy texture perfect for shaping and frosting. The chemistry of baking is magic in and of itself but then there is the personal magic that happens. Baking a cake can transform a normal day into something extra special. Since joining the cake slice bakers I have been making cakes for no occasion except a blogging deadline. No birthdays, weddings, or celebrations. A cake just for the sake of baking a cake. I love everything about it (the baking not the clean up!) I love the conceptual stage of deciding on flavor combinations, love the sound of my KA mixing up the batter, tasting the batter, popping the pans in the oven, the smell of the house as the cake bakes, decorating, and finally eating that first slice. Having a no- occasion cake around the house makes a regular day feel magical!

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