Off Topic... meet my little family

This is my favorite guy! Soooo Handsome! Can you believe he is 24 years old?

His name is Saudi and he is an Arabian horse.

This is Saudi last winter. He is wearing his raincoat. I think he looks good in green! Winters here in Oregon are wet and muddy so every good horse mom makes sure to get a good raincoat for their pony.

Then there is this goofball!

Conveniently located during a photo shoot of some cake...

His name is Scout. He will be turning 4 this year.  He is part husky, part akita, and part recipe tester!  Twice now  I have walked away from a photo prop (baked good) and returned to notice a very happy dog and a tongue swipe spot on my frosting! 

It's impossible to stay mad at him for long!


jacksonsgrrl said...

AWWWW! Your babies are so cute!!! Funny as you have an Arabian and so do I and my dog is also 1/2 Akita!!! Same Sweet face! :)

Anonymous said...

Your Arab looks a lot like an Arab I used to have. Well, except my boy would only be 5 right now.

Oh! And I definitely recommend getting an orange vest for your pup! I hear outfitter stores carry them for hunting dogs. However, I was in a time crunch and I was worried so we winged it! We'll modify it and/or buy a proper dog vest later. But for now, she's visible as a dog, not a coyote!