Or as we call them here in Oregon... Filberts!

I have known for years that I live right down the road from a remnant hazelnut orchard. It is sort of strange considering I live "down town". In all this time I never thought about collecting these nuts for myself. Instead I would purchase them for about oh.. some insane amount.. per pound at a national grocery chain. Weird huh. Well not this year! This week the hazel nuts are ripe and ready for harvest. According to the WSU extension page on hazelnuts, they are really easy to harvest. When the nuts are ripe they fall out of the tree and release from the pods. You scoop them up. Check them for bugs.

See the little worm trail right into the top? yuch! 

Place them on screens so they can get air circulating around them and let them dry out.

You know they are properly dried when the nutmeat is firm as you bite it instead of being spongey.