Kugelhopf, kugelhopf, kugelhopf! 
My new favorite word to say... kugelhopf!
The kugelhopf and I were destined to meet. Months ago I found a mini bundt pan at goodwill. It turns out it is really a mini kugelhopf pan!!! GAH! I only realized this after I made it, decided I love kugelhopf, and needed an authentic kugelhopf pan. ( I swear I can not stop saying typing that word!)
For those of you uninitiated in to the cult of kugelhopf here is the quick and dirty..
Kugelhopf is a yeast risen cake- think about the lightest richest coffee cake you have ever had- originally from the Alsace region of France. It is baked in a turban type bundt pan and contains raisins.
I chose this recipe because I had rum soaked raisins who needed a new home. 
It took me about 4 hours from start to finish but, boy is it worth it. Admittedly most of the time is due to rise time so you have time to scrub cabinets and do laundry while you are waiting. The actual hands on time is only about 20 minutes! 
I found a good recipe comparison on Sweet Boy Bakes and highly recommend you read his comments on the two recipes. I chose the second recipe from Patisserie Lerch with Sweet Boy's recommended tweaks. The best advice is to soak the hot cake with melted butter and sprinkle with granulated sugar. This creates a sweet little crunch on the crust that is sublime.  The results are one superb kugelhopf! 
The recipe makes a huge amount of dough so scale down if you don't own two 9 inch kugelhopf pans. I did not scale down and ended up refrigerating the leftover dough. It baked up just fine a couple of days later. I made mini bundt kugelhopfs.. sooo cute! I ate 2 of these right out of the oven with a melted butter drizzle and sugar. AAhhh so good!
I will definitely be making this again! It is just perfect with coffee or for breakfast! 
Cake for breakfast!!!
Kugelhopf, kugelhopf, kugelhopf, YAY! 


Unknown said...

Your Kugelhopf looks divine!! I cant wait to make this now. LOVE the mini bundt version, too! Love that you found that pan at goodwill--how awesome.

Amy said...

thank you for visiting our blog. your kugelhopf looks fantastic.