My new favorite thing

I have to admit I have not been very inspired to bake lately. Recipes seem to fall short of my expectations or fail completely. Then one day I was zipping around on your blogs when I got a seriouse crush on an apron over at  Moogie and Pap a really great food blog. I mean who can resist skull and crossbones wearing little pink bows!? And the pink ruffles! OH MY!  I kept hoping moogie would open an etsy store so I could get the object of my desire.. instead she gave them away! ack!! And I was one of the lucky recipients of  a moogie apron! 
I think this apron has some baking mojo! In the last couple of days I have been baking up a storm and getting really good results. I will be posting soon with some great recipes!
So a big thank you to moogie! I LOVE my new apron! 

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Shafe said...

Wow.. that thing is amazing. Very hot!