Apples! Apple Tart with Almond Cream

It all started here!
A lonely little tree with the most gorgeous ruby red apples I had ever seen.

This is the kind of apple the witch tricked snow white into eating!
So bright, so red, and so crispy sweet!  (Yes we tasted as we picked!)

These apples called to me. I was out at Deterings Orchard with my friend A to check out the Apple Days Festival and pick some fruit. We could not believe how gorgeous these ruby beauties were. There were no name plates or signs so we figured these must be a very rare heirloom variety! We both loaded up our buckets with these and some spartans and headed back to the checkout area. Piled up with varieties like honey crips, liberties, kings, Criterion Apples, it just goes on and on until we spotted a box of ruby red apples just like our variety... a gala apple! GAH! really? just a gala? LIke you buy at the grocery store! We drove waaay out to the country to hand pick our own apples and we selected gala apples! And you know what? they are delicouse ... especially when you put them in a pastry crust, spread a little almond cream, place in some GALA apples, slather with melted butter, and sprinkle with brown sugar and cardomon!

Just gorgouse! Just Gala Apples!