Key Lime Pie

  I grew up in south Florida. My mother planted key lime trees every time we got a new house. Kind of a nice gift to leave behind to new owners once we moved. On a recent trip home for my sister's wedding I asked my mom to make a key lime pie.

 She had key limes freshly picked and ready to go.

She pulled out this recipe and told me to go for it... thanks mom! This is an original family recipe from my godmother.

As with most older recipes these directions are more of a suggestion. My family never makes this pie with the meringue topping guess the Florida humidity is hell on that sort of topping.
This guy would surely like a bite of pie! He followed me all around the yard. I have to tell you it is a bit eerie being  stalked by a bird.

Then after days of lurking around the house trying to photograph this elusive Florida resident I found one trapped in a garbage can! Ha!

He still has his tail too! They usually drop off part of their tails when you catch them. You end up with this wriggling appendage in your hand  e-u! just sayin'.
There really is no place like home.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting posting. Happy New Year.

Miss Rachel said...

Oh key lime pie - love it! I will have to find a vegan version some time when I'm feeling ambitious enough to make one.

I just found your blog (hello from Connecticut!), and I want to tell you that your dog is SO CUTE (!!!). I especially love the picture of him looking up at the camera with his ears pressed back - adorable.