BYOB- Honey Wheat Bread

After much trial and error I have finally found my favorite recipe for Honey Wheat Bread. It is hearty and soft with a good balance of nutty and sweet flavors. It is a straight dough method which means you can just jump right in. No need for overnight fermenting or a starter. 
This has become my go to sandwich bread.

Whole Wheat Bread
Recipe from " On Cooking a Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals" 4th ed.
Yields 2 large loaves or 35 rolls

Salt  - 2 tsp./ 10 ml
Dry milk ( I have used powdered soy milk with good results) 1 1/4 oz / 38 grams
Whole wheat flour - 1 lb 10oz./ 780 grams
Water, warm - 18 fluid oz / 540 ml
Active dry yeast - 1/2 oz/ 15 grams
Honey ( I have used agave syrup with good results) 3 oz / 90 grams
Unsalted butter, softened 1 oz/ 30 grams

1. Combine the salt, milk powder 12 ounces (360 grams) whole wheat flour, water, yeast, honey, softened butter in a mixing bowl and mix until combined. cover bowl with plastic wrap and set in warm place for 10 minutes until yeast is frothy - I do this to make sure the yeast is working  the recipe skips this step.
2. Add the remaining flour 2 oz (60 grams) at a time. Knead on medium speed approximately 8 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic.
3. Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl and cover. Let dough ferment in a warm place until doubled.
4. Punch down, portion and shape as desired.
5. Le the shaped dough proof until doubled. Bake at 375 F (190 C) until firm and dark brown, approximately 1 hour for loaves and 20 minutes for rolls. I have found my loaves are done after 45 minutes so check your loaves as you go.
Optional- brush the top of the loaves or rolls with melted butter after baking.
This bread is best within 3 days but it has held up well in my refrigerator for 2 weeks. It does dry out in the fridge.


Chele said...

That does look good. I've never tried a honey wheat bread before ... maybe time to try I think!

Anonymous said...

Okay... I want a slice of bread with a lot butter. Followed by a big hunk of the Chocolate Peppermint Cake.