Schicken chicken it's the law.

 I can not believe how fast chickens grow! Here they are at 2 weeks old thwarting my attempts to get an accurate read on the thermometer to maintain precise coop temps. 
 And now just look at them at almost 4 weeks! 
Here is Lady Ezmeralda Marmalade. Such a diva with her feather boa!  
Next up we have a little speckled Sussex with no name. look at those shoulder pad like wings. she reminds me of those 1980's fashions. A very chic chick!
And last but not least our top hen - Amanda ( she just reminds me of my friend Amanda. Maybe it is the eye liner? (shhh dont tell Amanda I named a hen after he! It will be our little secret!)
Amanda was the first to escape the coop/ horse feed bin so coop building is a VERY high priority.
Luckily Scout was on duty!
Sigh. He is so dedicated to those hens! Definitely time to get them  into a hen house!

So I got my chickens before looking into the local law about keeping livestock in the city limits. One of my neighbors keeps chickens so I figured it MUST be legal.  It did not take long for curiosity to get the better of me and I found a web site with a really good list of chicken laws. It says Eugene, OR. A maximum of 2 hens, no roosters, kept 20 feet from dwellings. hmmm. well I have 3 but I am still waiting to determine if they are all hens. And I may loose one to a predator so we will say I am within the legal limit of chickens. The 20 feet will take some tape measure work to determine placement of the coop and yard.
And speaking of chicken coops! I ordered one off of amazon and boy is it cute!

I started with the idea of building my own and after pricing the wood, roofing, and fencing I realized the 450$ and up prices for premade coops at the feed store were not that bad. Then, still unable to bring myself to pay nearly 500.00 for a coop, I mean come on! It is a place for chickens to poop. How nice should it be? I found very reasonably priced coops on amazon of all places. Is there anything they don't sell? So If I can do this any one of you can too! I will keep you updated on my adventures in Urban Chicken Farming!

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