Chicken update 7 weeks old.

Chickens go through a gawky teenage phase. Hen's are people too I guess! My birds have gotten so big so quickly. They were only little peeps for about 2 weeks then I moved them from my horse's 5 gallon water bucket to an old feed bin twice the size. The coop upgrade only lasted a week and they started jumping out giving my dog, scout, the thrill of his life! Luckily I was on hand to toss them back in before he recovered from his enthusiastic dance and got a  taste of fresh chicken. It was a close call.

So after searching around for a larger chicken containment system I decided on a small kiddie pool enclosed with cut up cardboard boxes about 4 feet high. This has worked until this morning when I went in to check on the ladies to find them all merrily perched on the cardboard wall.  At 7 weeks they have most of their feathers but, the night temps are still down in the 40's so they spend their days out in the chicken yard but, I bring them in at night. The buff orpington (Ezmerelda Marmalade) has not changed color.  She is mellow. If you pick her up and place her on your friends shoulder she sits contentedly and twitters.

The spotted Sussex (Dewella) has really changed color!  She is gorgeous with red, cream,gold,  and black colors and little white spots. She is easily motivated with worms and is always the first to run up for a treat. If no food is involved she is the most standoffish. She flaps her wings and squawks to no end when you try to cuddle her.

I am still hoping I have all hens. Time will tell.
Hopefully the nights will get warmer and I can get these chickens out of my spare room in the next week or so.
Did you know that chickens love cake? and cranberry scones ;)


Future Grown-Up said...

They are so cute even if they are going through that awkward stage. I love the photo of the one perched on the shoulder!

Chickens like cake? Clearly they are a very enlightened species!

Pam said...

They are cute and that has to be an adventure raising them. Here's hoping they're hens!