Water Kefir

I recently ordered some water kefir grains and was delighted when they arrived with a cute adoption certificate. I love the special touch you get when ordering from Etsy sellers.

In the past I have brewed Kombucha, Milk Kefir, and beer. Two of the three multiply like crazy and you end up on secret missions to deposit the extra scobys on neighbors porches under cover of the night.
I even posted extra grains on Craigslist and a kefir exchange list. The increased traffic to my house might have resembled another type of enterprise but, I swear it was totally in order to keep up with the proliferation of the cultured babies I was producing.

Culturing milk makes it easier to digest for many people.  I
 supported a local dairy farmer until she was shut down. It is not legal to sell unpasteurized milk to people for consumption. She had a loophole contract that said we were buying it for our pets consumption. Brilliant! When I was no longer able to purchase her raw milk I tried using store bought. I decided to retire my milk grains until I could find another local source.
A couple weeks ago I happened to purchase a bottle of water kefir from Kevita. Being the type of DIY foodie that I am, I decided I needed make my own water kefir! ASAP!

So here we are! I just got my newly adopted water kefir grains. I left some tap water out for 24 hours to fume off the chlorine in a mason jar and covered it with cheesecloth.
This morning I have stared my first batch and can not wait to experiment with flavor combos and secondary ferments!
I am starting simple -Water, Grains, and Organic Cane Juice.
Have any water kefir recipes to share? I am thinking turmeric and pineapple!

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